Shinya Murayama



Shinya Murayama graduated from “Theater Art College” in Tokyo in 1995. From 1995 to 2006 he performed theater and street shows as a member of han mime koubo (Japan). 
As a mime actor  he has worked in Theater, Drama, Musical and Opera for different companies. In 2007 he received a Scholarship for Artists from the Japanese Government to continue his studies at Scuola Teatro Dimitri (Verscio, Switzerland). 
After leaving the school in 2010 he worked with Circus Monti (Switzerland) in 2012 worked with Circo Togni as a clown. 
And from 2011, he has produced  3 new shows:
 Dall’angolino,  Street performance  and  FROCK MimeMusic.  
And from 2012 ,  he starts Mime Instructor at Scuola del Teatro Oscar (Milano).

Mime Clown Actor


       silent mono drama


street performance



2009 Variete inverno (December~January in Switzerland)

2010 Circus Monti (March~November in Switzerland)

2012 Musical Rosaly (August~September in Switzerland)

         Circo Togni       (November~ December in Italia)

2013 Project Cinema with Orchestra (March in Switzerland)

2015〜 collaboration with Teatro Blu “DuDu nella preistoria”

2015 small performance for RSI “BUON COMPLEANNO DIMITRI”

Guest Performance


Nella Preistoria

                2‘ premio EuroPuppetFestiValsesia 2016